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Having had gestational diabetes, I realise that I am more at risk of developing diabetes later in life. Therefore I know that I should be taking care of my health. But knowing it and actually doing it are two different things.
So when I was offered the opportunity by Tots100 to do a My Heath questionnaire with Patient.co.uk, it seemed ideal to give me the potential kick I need to look after my health.
The questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete and it places you in a queue of 100 people; the closer you are to 100 the healthier you are. You will need to add your height, weight and hip and waist measurements.
So how did I do? 

fozia, you are currently in the queue at position: Q48
This is a medium risk score. You could, however, move down the queue by at least 12 places to sit within the healthy range.

In all honesty I wasn’t surprised by that and was actually thinking the score would be worse. My diet isn’t all that healthy at the moment and the weight I lost during pregnancy seems to be slowly creeping up again. 
What is great about the site is that it goes on to give ‘Next Steps’ to try to help you improve your score:

Step 1: Increase your physical activity levels
Step 2: Improve your diet
Step 3: Reduce your body weight
Step 4: Maintain your healthy stress levels
Step 5: Maintain your healthy cholesterol profile
Step 6: Maintain your healthy alcohol intake
Step 7: Maintain your healthy blood pressure

As your click on each step you are given further information, for example what your BMI is and what it should be. It also gives some tips on how to make the changes.
I knew I had to do the first 3 steps; the questionnaire results have just confirmed it and given me a slight nudge to make the changes I need.
Why not do the My Health questionnaire yourself and tell me your score! 


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