Waiting for a refund from @suitsmeonline

I am normally a chilled out person, but when an online company treats their customers as if they are worthless pile of s*!t, I get angry
I tend to order alot of clothes online, because there are no decent shops in our city which sell traditional asian clothes (Shalwar Kameez). I am was a regular customer at Suits me and although I personally felt their prices were creeping up and quality remaining the same, I continued to purchase items when discounted.
I built up a good relationship through one of their salesmen online who would offer discounts and free postage now and then. I had no issue until recently.
Having had a baby and losing lots of weight, I needed a whole new wardrobe. So I ordered 4 items. The discounted price was £21 each. So £84 in total. Now keep these figures in mind followers, as some simple maths will be coming up soon.
Around 2 weeks later I was left a voicemail saying that although they had taken my money from the account, one of the items was damaged and couldn’t be sent. Would I like to order another or a refund. I immediately emailed back saying I wanted a refund.
About a week later a DIFFERENT salesman rings to say I understand you wanted to order another suit.
No, I want a REFUND.
So followers, how much of a refund am I owed for one suit?
£21 yes?
Well when I received the 3 other items and my invoice, the refund said £3.
Yes, £3.
What the hell?!
I rang Suits Me, and was advised my telephone conversations would be listened to to work out how much I am owed.
I waited and heard nothing back.
So on Christmas Day I emailed the salesman who I normally deal with. He was very apologetic and said he would sort it.
Since then I have been emailing him and he said management would ring me as I now wish to make a formal complaint. No calls, so I rang today myself. The salesman said he would email the original salesman, I said no point as I am already emailing. I was then told to email complaints and I would be contacted.
Yeah right(!)
Well Suits Me, this is my official public complaint. I would like my £21 back. It has been well over 28 days. £21 may not be alot to you but for someone with a new baby and being made redundant, it is a heck of alot of money.
My next step is to contact Trading Standards. I will not let this drop.
And you have managed to lose a loyal customer.
You have my details, feel free to contact me regarding the refund. Although I no longer promise to be polite.

EDIT: Since writing this I have tried to email Complaints with the link but the email bounced back.


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  • InshAllah. I hated having to do a public post like this but nothing else was working. Have had some missed calls from them now so ringing them back in a minute.

  • Hi ,

    we apologize for the problem which you faced but as you know we have refunded your amount kindly check your bank statement within 24-48 hours time also we have took strict action against the Sales Man who Misguide you and didn't refunded your amount .your our loyal customer and we appreciate if you keep placing order in future there wont be any problem in your order from our side and we will compensate you in next order which you place with us anytime you want.

    if you have any concern feel free to contact us .

    Regards ,

    Suits Me

  • You go girl! Companies like this need to be named and shamed.. Sad really, that it needs to be taking this far, for the company to react and deal with your case properly!

  • Wow this has been going on since before Christmas?? Taken so long to sort out but glad you've finally got the refund. Puts me off ever visiting them.

  • Your apologies are worth nothing. I was promised the money would reach my account by Monday…it is now Friday.

    This is totally unacceptable.

  • HI ,
    Your Refund was processed on the day As mention on below and has been done on same day can you re confirm with your bank one more time Because we refunded on the same card you paid the Last four digit of card is:3168

    Refund -21 2/22/2013 9:27:28 AM

    Regards ,

    Suits Me