6 Months Today

My little Bee,
You have been in our lives for 6 months. It has flown by, but at the same time it seems a long time. We can’t remember what our lives were like before you arrived; you have completed us.
Your constant smiles makes our hearts fill with love. You wake up and the first thing you do is smile, and then get all embarrassed and shy and want to hide your face. The rest of the day is then full of smiles and giggles.
You make your tired daddy energised as soon as he comes home, because as soon as you hear the door your head turns and you give him your biggest, sweetest smile.
You have even made your jealous big sis love you. She can’t stop hugging you now and saying ‘I love you’ to you. You laugh at her jumping around and shouting. I can see in your eyes you really want to join in. 
You didn’t like your Aunty at first for some reason; but now you smile and get excited when you hear her voice. You absolutely adore your grandparents but get confused when you see your Uncle as you don’t see him too often. But you still give him a smile eventually.
Recently you have started to playfully growl like a little tiger. But then you attack me and pull my hair and glasses. As much as I love you, can you stop that please?! But the growling definitely is cute.
You adore your cuddles and sometimes just want to be held. You snuggle close and touch my face gently.   You love getting kisses and can’t stop smiling when we smother you with them, and you have learnt to hold your hand out to get a kiss on your hand.

You are getting slightly clingy now but I don’t mind this phase in your life. All too soon you will be grown up and will want your independence.

Little Bee, we will always be with you, no matter what, holding your hand and supporting you.

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