Project 365 – Days 83-89

Day 83 – So the snow settled again. But as I had a nasty cold I refused to go out in it!
Day 84 – I got Bee a new teething toy, Sophie the giraffe. She loves it and put up her feet while chomping.
Day 85 – My chocolates from Hotel Chocolat arrived but I was feeling so ill I didn’t fancy tasting them.
Day 86 – Remember my TV broke? It was going to cost £303 to fix it. So we went out and got a new one.
Day 87 – Finally starting to feel well enough to start on the chocolates. Truffles first!
Day 88 – I get carried away with Lamaze toys – new one for Bee!
Day 89 – Munchkin made the most of a bit of sunshine we got and went out to play. I am still suffering from a cold so still holed up indoors!
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