Sponsored Post: Time to declutter the house?

It is time I decluttered the house. We are looking to move house and even though it may not happen for some time, my sister’s recent moving experience has made me realise that it will be better in the long run to start getting prepared by getting rid of the unnecessary items in the house now.
But I keep putting it off.
Just opening the cupboard doors makes me nervous, because I am a hoarder. I have things from my childhood, to my uni days and pre-marriage. 
I have attempted to sort it out in the past. But I have never had the heart to throw away/sell/give away any of my things. So I just ended up tidying them all up slightly and giving them a dusting.
Some of the things that I really need to do something with are the masses of CDs and DVDs I have collected. During my uni days I was into music in a big way, and I just had to purchase the lastest singles and albums that were in the top 10. I also purchased quite a few DVD’s of my favourite films over the years. Now all these CDs and DVDs are just sitting in the cupboard under the stairs, collecting dust. I don’t listen to the CDs and don’t watch the films.
I have decided to keep some of the films that are suitable for children, which my girls can watch. But I really must do something with the rest of them.
I have been considering checking out online sites where you can sell DVDs and CDs. It will help declutter the house and make me some money which I can spend on the girls. 
Now it’s just finding the time to get it done!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by MusicMagpie. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • It's a good thing to do Foz but it's true we never find the time or we don't find th courage to give away some of the things we have, maybe due to memories we have with them.
    Hope you'll get to do what you want this time!