Sponsored Post: Time to sort out the Spring Wardrobe

Ok, I know in many parts of the UK there is still snow lingering, in fact we had a heavy snow flurry here just before the school run this morning. But you can’t help be excited that it is in fact spring; the tulips and daffodils in my garden are popping up and the robin is back in my garden building a nest and staring at me while I do the dishes.
So this means I need to sort out my spring and summer wardrobe. Having lost lots of weight in my last pregnancy, everything is now too loose on me! My parents are currently abroad so will be bringing me lots of traditional Asian wear (will share those with you when they arrive), but I still need to accessorise.
I remember in my uni days I used to love wearing denim jackets in mild weather, such as this from New Look:

Image from New Look website
I used to wear light jackets all the time in spring and summer! I am not sure I can get away with that look now? 
One item I will be buying is shoes! I can’t have enough sandals! I love the simplicity of these sandals, again from New Look.
I can’t wait to start shopping!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by New Look. See my disclosure policy for further information.


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