Gardening: Making up the hanging baskets

Although I love gardening and generally do well, I can never seem to get my hanging baskets right. The one in the front of the house does OK  but the ones in the back garden generally die. My garden is south facing and gets a heck of a lot of sun, (when we get any), and I always used to forget to water them. 
I almost cheated this year and got the baskets already made…..but then thought it would be a waste of money if I end up killing them again.
While at the local garden centre I got tempted by some trailing Begonia bulbs. I have never planted them but my mum has some and they are gorgeous. It said suitable for hanging baskets and 5 bulbs were on offer so I thought why not?

A couple of weeks ago, with munchkins help, we started ‘Mission: keep hanging baskets alive’.

The compost in the baskets was looking a bit sorry for itself so we decided to put in fresh compost and put in 2 bulbs to a basket.

Munchkin helped water them in and we hung them up.
While Bee sat and watched with curiosity.
I had also purchased some Sweet Williams, so we planted them in the final hanging basket with the final begonia bulb.
And as we still had some Sweet Williams left we planted them in another pot that was looking sorry for itself.
Let’s see if we can keep these ones alive. So far they are doing OK!


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