Project 365 – Days 111 to 117

Day 111 – Went to the river to feed the ducks and swans. I think a lot of people had the same idea as the birds seemed stuffed. However one solitary swan came over….and was eventually followed by a couple of others. 
Day 112 – Bee is attempting the stairs now. I really must start putting the stair gates up!!
Day 113 – My tulips are finally flowering.
Day 114 – Did some gardening and the Robin watched and waited for worms!
Day 115 – Sitting and chilling in the garden and the rabbit comes for a stroke..but gets a slap from Bee!
Day 116 – Munchkin was being presented with certificates at school assembly. I wasn’t going to go as little children aren’t allowed to go. However one mother said to just go as there are other babies there. SO glad I did now.
Day 117 – In between the rain we got a bit of sun so had a play with the football that munchkin also got at her special assembly.

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