Bee is growing up fast: Magic Moments

I am linking up this post with The Oliver’s Madhouse, Magic Moments

I had forgotten the wonder you experience as your baby grows up, tinged with slight sadness as you realise your baby will soon no longer be a baby. Watching them grow provides you with numerous magic moments.
This last week has been great in terms of Bee’s development. Shes been crawling from pretty much 6.5 months but in the last week she has learnt to clap. She thinks clapping is totally funny and then gets all shy at the attention she gets.
In the last couple of days she has also learnt to pull herself up and stand; she just wants to stand all the time. She stands at the bottom of the stairs trying to climb up, she grabs the sofa, chair, table to get herself standing. And gets totally frustrated when she can’t do it….. I am sure she will be walking soon! She is one determined little lady mashAllah.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she got into karate..she proper laid into this toy dog!
Every day with Bee is a magic moment, as she continues to develop and learn new things. 


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  • it is amazing how quick the time goes, i am sure she will be walking very soon, lovely #magicmoments xx

  • Awww she is so cute and she seems to be growing too quick. I dont think they stop babies long anymore!!

    I love the picture with the stuffed dog!

    So lovely to have you linked up with #magicmoments xx