Matilda Mae; an auction in her memory.

I recently dedicated a Friday Wisdom post to Jennie of Edspire after the loss of her 9 month daughter Matilda Mae to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Since her loss, Jennie has been working closely with ‘The Lullaby Trust‘, and in Matilda Mae’s memory, is running an online auction. All money raised will go direct to ‘The Lullaby Trust’.
The auction will run from 11th to 20th May. You can get further information about the auction by clicking on the picture below.
I do hope you can support this auction and help raise some money for a worthwhile charity. The 2nd May would have been Matilda Mae’s 1st birthday; please help raise funds for a charity that researches into SIDS, and supports the families that sadly experience it. Please help the research that could save babies in the future.

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction


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