Review: Playfoam

I was recently sent some Playfoam to review.
Looking at it in the pack it looked like the small polystyrene balls you get in beanbags and I was nervous to open it, having had the polysterene balls all over the bedroom at one point, so I did wonder about the ‘No Mess’ claim.
However I had no reason to worry. The balls are stuck together and once I got them out of the pack they had retained their shape. 
Munchkin did not want to mix up the colours so we kept them all separate. When squeezing them and moulding them into shape they don’t stick to your hands and do not have that horrible sticky feeling that just makes you want to continuously wash your hands.
Bee wanted to join in!
We loved Playfoam, it does not make a mess, it easily moulds into the shapes you want it to, and you can have hours of good, clean fun. You can just leave the kids to get creative and use their imagination. The only downside is it can pick up dirt quite quickly if it happens to fall on the floor (or fluff off your cardigan!)
Even Grandma got in on the action and made a table and chair with a tiny man sitting on it! 
Although we managed to get the horse standing, it didn’t last for long, it was too top heavy and it’s head soon started to droop….poor thing.

If you like the look of Playfoam you can enter to win a competition by Learning Resources to win one of 5 packs of Playfoam. You can enter their competition on their Facebook Page, Learning Resources. The competition ends 7th June.


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