Milk and More Review

Milk and More Review

Do you often forget to get the milk and bread? Then have to rush to the local shops in the morning to get them as you need them for breakfast and lunchboxes?


I know I often forget to remind hubby to get them on his way home from work, so he is left muttering in the mornings when he has to go out to the shop first thing.


Well then this may just be for you.


Milk and More are a grocery shopping service who deliver daily fresh milk, bread, eggs and other groceries throughout the UK. What is great about them is that it is free delivery and no minimum order.


You can type in your postcode into the site to find out who your local delivery man is and on what days s/he delivers. You can even order up to 9pm the day before the delivery date and pay monthly by direct debit.

Milk and More Review
Milk and More Review

Milk and More is not just limited to bread and milk etc, hence the 'More'. You can even order kitchen essentials such as foil and items for pets.

I know I hate going to the supermarket alone, and with the hubby going abroad for up to 2 months, this could be an ideal solution and I won't have to drag the kids around making them bored!

The site looks nice and easy to use and you can do your shopping from the comfort of your own home.

You can obtain further information from their website Milk and More.

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