Project 365 – Days 146 to 152

Day 146 – Bee is a baby who is constantly on the go. But she is totally fascinated by Lego and will sit and play with it, not that she knows what to do with it.
Day 147 – Got the tent and tunnel out of the shed and Bee enjoyed crawling through it, until a  huuuuge spider freaked me out.
Day 148 – Experimented with Nutella French Toast
Day 149 – A review doll arrived for Bee. She seems to love dolls and giggles when she spots a new one.
Day 150 – The steps have finally been conquered!
Day 151 – Went for a drive to Cambridge and spotted loads of yellow fields on the way.
Day 152 – The stabilizers are finally off the bike – this is going to be interesting……
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