Project 365 – Days 216 to 222

Project 365 - Days 216 to 222

Day 216 – Bee up to yet more mischief. I usually pop her into the walker for a little while when I need some breathing space in the kitchen and to keep her away from the cooker. While my back was turned she had climbed out of it and was grabbing the magnets off the fridge. Needless to say, the walker is now packed away!

Day 217 – Off to the local library for some creepy crawly fun. Munchkin had the chance to hold rabbits, a tarantula, snake, millipede and a cockroach. She only held the rabbits.Don't blame her really; I wanted to run out the room when the tarantula was taken out. Here she is colouring quietly away from the creepy crawlies.

Day 218 – With it being Eid on Thursday or Friday we started making some decorations. Will be writing a blog post on that later. Of course Bee had to join in, so we ended up waiting until she was asleep to get anything done.

Day 219 – Went to the local Asian clothes shop to get some henna done in preparation for Eid!

Project 365 - Days 216 to 222

Day 220 – Bee causing even more trouble – she climbed into her toy bucket! (sigh)

Day 221 – Eid day!! Have to have cake!!

Day 222 – Went to Gullivers as an Eid treat for the girls.

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