Its oh so lonely! Hubby away for 2 months

Hubby left to go to Pakistan last week, and from there he will be going on hajj in sha Allah.

And I must admit I was freaking out a bit at the the thought of being alone for so long.

*cue helpless woman act*

Its oh so lonely! Hubby away for 2 months

But you know what it hasn't been that bad.

He was at work all day and I pretty much did everything anyway; school runs, taking Munchkin to Quran lessons, going to school events…..

I was more worried about being alone in the evenings and not getting a break at all from Bee. But I have adjusted her routine slightly so she is going to sleep a little earlier than normal to get a bit of me time. (But to be honest I am just so tired these days that I generally just go to sleep anyway).

But being away from the hubby has made me realise a few things.

Before he left I was often in a foul mood, thinking I was leading the life of a single mum by doing everything. I even once phoned him in moment of hormonal anger, screaming that if he didn't come home at a reasonable hour he would find the house empty as I would have walked out.

And I was close to walking out on him on a number of occasions.

Very close.

Blame tiredness and hormones.

But with him currently gone I have realised that having him in my life is infinitely better than not having him in my life.

Yes I was doing all the night feeds and nappy changes.

Yes I was doing all the school runs and housework.

But whenever I wanted or needed something I just had to phone him and he would get it on his way back from home. Now I have to drag a reluctant Munchkin and a curious Bee to the shops with me all the time.

Now that in itself can me a challenge.

'Mum can I have a magazine?'


'Can I have a chocolate?'


Cue a lot of grumbling.

And all the time trying to ensure Bee doesn't grab things from the aisle as we are passing and throwing things on the floor. She seems to have a thing about throwing things on the floor.

It was also nice to have some adult conversation in the evening. And having a bath/shower in peace while he had the girls.

He had also taken to going for a walk in the evenings if it was nice. And I could get a break and just veg out on the sofa if I wanted.

Roll on November when he is back.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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  • We do understand things better when we are separated, the good and the bad, depending on our life. Surely you’ll both learn from these 2 months away. I am sure you’ll manage well. And if you have down days (that’s only human), know we are there for you Foz


  • very much know the feeling on this one, my husband has been away a few times here and there for work or various travels.. and im the same I do majority for the house and kids, but as you say – u still miss them a lot! hope the time goes quick for u!

  • Yes, the hard part I find is the night time being alone at home! You don’t realise how much the fact your hubby being home makes you relaxed to go to sleep at night. My hubby is due to go away soon – only for 10 days. I am excited a little to have some freedom to watch tv in peace and not be hassled with preparing food he likes lol but I will miss his company and be glad when he returns!

  • LOL I know the feeling I have my 2 years old toddler and m now 1 year old toddler who is also walking now, it’s nightmare…when I stop one form touching something in the shop, I turn around to see the other one grabbing something else. it’s never ending. But I am a single Mum, and to be honest though I do not think my ex-husband was of much help I think sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I wished there was someone to take over even for like 1 min. But it is only temporary so Inshallah soon everything will be bac to normal x

  • I know the feeling I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, and I hate taking them to shops but Inshallah have sabr its only 2 months. I am a single Mum I would love a helping hand sometimes but I can only dream of it lol