Magic Moments: I now have a 1 year old

Magic Moments: I now have a 1 year old

1 year, 1 day and 6 hours to be exact at the time of writing this sentence! (Think I got that right…she was born early morning on the 15th but due to a cold my brain isn't working).

It genuinely does feel like yesterday that I was pricking my fingers 3 times a day to check my sugar levels and getting all depressed about how my fingers were literally feeling like pin cushions, all the hospital appointments, and then finally being induced and giving birth.

It has certainly been an eventful first year; struggling with breastfeeding, and then being made redundant back in March while still on maternity leave. But through it all, Bee has made me smile at her antics, and then sigh in frustration at her not sleeping through, which made me feel as though I was being ungrateful, and even more so when she turned into a pretty good climber.

Rather than play with her new toy, she uses it to stand on to look out the window!

Rather than play with her new toy, she uses it to stand on to look out the window!

She has already developed a pretty strong character. She knows what 'No' means and throws her head back and wails when I say it, she will fight her sister for her toys, and as soon as she spots any of the stair gates open she sneaks off very quickly, gets half way where she wants to be, shouts and giggles and then goes even faster when we chase after her!




When did babies get so cheeky?!


She makes her dad's day when he comes home from a long day at work. He gets a huge beaming smile and she goes crawling quickly to him, chattering away in her baby language. They really will miss each other when he leaves for 2 months this week.




I found this verse online and just had to share:


Now you've reached your birthday

Twelve months have surely flown

You've cut some lovely toothy pegs

and boy, have you grown!

We've battled through the worst of it

demand feeding and sleepness nights.

And as you have developed

you have everything in your sights.

You are a little monkey

of that there's no mistaking.

you wrap us round your finger,

a Daddy's girl in the making.

But we love you so very dearly

and today's your special day.

We send love and best wishes

As you enjoy your 1st Birthday.

Magic Moments: I now have a 1 year old

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