Project 365 – Days 244 – 250

Project 365 - Days 244 - 250

Day 244 – She's tired, whiny but fighting sleep……she eventually stuck her head under the duvet and fell asleep like that so had to get her out. *sigh*

Project 365 - Days 244 - 250

Day 245 – Being naughty today…but these are so moreish! (But then for me anything chocolate goes!)

Project 365 - Days 244 - 250

Day 246 – Making the most of the final day before the new school term and having fun in the garden with bubbles.

Project 365 - Days 244 - 250

Day 247 – First day back at school and Munchkin is already doing well. Her work was displayed that she did before term broke up and when she spent two days in the junior school.

Project 365 - Days 244 - 250

Day 248 – Playing quietly alone in Nan's garden.

Day 249 – She found my stash of chocolate and crisps!!

Day 250 – Dad got a box of quality street – it's reminding me of Christmas. Although we don't celebrate it, we went through a load of chocolate tins..We are starting early this year!

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  • yes the kitchen drawer photo is brilliant, a great memory for when she is older, guess you may need to move them higher and put your dusters in the bottom drawer. I hate it when they are over tired and grumpy and they fight the going to sleep.

    Well done Munchkin for getting your work displayed.