Project 365 – Days 258 to 264

What a week!

First Munchkin got a cold, then Bee and finally myself. Luckily the hubby escaped from it, didn't want him to go on his travels with a cold. He has now left and won't be returning for 2 months….making me feel all lonely!

Project 365 - Days 258 to 264

Day 258 – Bee's first birthday. Really cannot believe that a year has already passed and my little girl is growing up so fast…. she's already attempting to walk and takes a god 5-6 steps before she falls. I foresee more running around in the not so distant future!

Day 259 – Don't really think I need to say anything…..more trouble being caused.

Day 260 – And yet again more mischief….she dragged her toy to the stairgate…to use it as a stepping stone to try to climb over.

Project 365 - Days 258 to 264

Day 261 – A pretty hectic day even though all I wanted to do was to crawl into bed…..was so jealous of Rosie relaxing here…….why does my husband leave packing until literally the final day?! He was leaving in less than 24 hours and was still not packed!

Day 262 – Just had to share these cute winter boots I got Bee!

Day 263 – Who needs a bed when a box is just as comfy!!

Day 264 – Weather was a bit warmer so we went to the local park.

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