Project 365 – Days 272 to 278

Been a bit of a quiet week, with just school runs and baby groups. And missing the hubby.

Project 365 - Days 272 to 278

Day 272 – Took the girls to the fair. Munchkin loves this trampoline thing! Heights don't seem to phase her.

Day 273 – Baby group and Bee is engrossed with the Lego.

Day 274 – Playing peekaboo behind the curtain!

Day 275 – Got a bit of a shock when I saw her sitting in her sister's chair, calmly eating the slice of apple I had given her. Literally did a double take!

Project 365 - Days 272 to 278

Day 276 – Got Rosie a new toy, which she bascially wrecked in less than a minute. Feathers all over the living room!

Day 277 – I got some new boots and Bee threw then out the box, sat in them and then inspected the boots thoroughly. Later the cat took over the box.

Day 278 – Went shopping to Toys r Us for some Eid shopping which will be around the 15th Oct.

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