Project 365 – Days 279 to 285

Project 365 - Days 279 to 285

Day 279 – Not too sure what they were discussing here…probably debating who is the best princess!

Day 280 – First fall of the school year……they stuck this huge plaster on her knee.

Day 281 – Just had to share the rose pic!

Day 282 – Tumbletot time! For the past 2 weeks it has just been us in the Gymbabes class. Kind of defeats the purpose of meeting other parents but was pretty good to have all the apparatus to ourselves.

Project 365 - Days 279 to 285

Day 283 – The cat and Bee getting on well!

Day 284 – Was on strike from cooking today and had a lazy day, as much as possible anyway – so to the chippy it was!

Day 285 – Went to the library and Bee was engrossed by a cat book which miaows when the button is pressed.

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