Project 365 – Days 286 to 292

Just some pics of Bee and Rosie this week. Haven't really done much or taken many pics.

Project 365 - Days 286 to 292

Day 286 – Started packing away some of Bee's baby things, such as the steriliser and the steamer and blender. Made me feel a bit sad really!

Day 287 – Got a bounce and spin zebra for Bee. She loved it!

Project 365 - Days 286 to 292

Day 288 – Spot the cat!

Project 365 - Days 286 to 292

Day 289 – Another day, another parcel, so another place for Rosie to chill.

Day 290 – Bee loved this rocking horse at baby group.

Day 291 – So wish I was a cat, easy life! Here she is asleep on our coats.

Day 292 – Bee sat still for ……….a whole 5 mins! *shock* lol

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