Review: Nappykind Baby Leg Warmers

Review: Nappykind Baby Leg Warmers

With it being predicated that there is going to be heavy snowfall in winter (please let the weathermen be wrong), I need to find ways to keep Bee warm, both indoors and out. And these baby leg warmers seemed ideal.

Nappykind is a baby boutique,specialising in leg warmers, which are designed to protect babies and toddlers knees and legs. They have a wide range of designs and their prices for baby leg warmers start at £4.99.

The leg warmers are one size and are for babies from 6 months to to children up to age 6. I love the funky designs but I chose some slightly more simple designs of stars and stripes. And don't they look cute on her legs?

Review: Nappykind Baby Leg Warmers

They are ideal for protecting her legs while crawling around on the laminate flooring as that can get really cold. And they make nappy changing slightly more easier at home as I don't have to fight her to take her trousers/tights on and off. And trust me she is a fighter when it comes to nappy changes….she just does not want to lie still for a minute!

They also can be used as an extra layer when going out in winter under trousers or even on top of leggings. They will keep legs nice and warm as they are pretty thick.

However one of my concerns is that they did leave marks on top of her thighs.

Review: Nappykind Baby Leg Warmers

This was after wearing them for a few hours. As Bee isn't particularly chubby, it could possibly be worse for chubbier babies.


It is a really good idea, and I understand that they do need to be slightly tight to ensure they stay up, but I probably won't be allowing Bee to wear them for long periods due to the marks left behind.


Disclaimer: I purchased these baby leg warmers but received a discount in return for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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