Starting to pack away the baby items

You kind of realise that your child is growing up pretty fast when you slowly start to pack away some of their baby items.

You feel sad but at the same time excited at the next stage of their development.( And me being the big kid that I am, look forward to the next lot of toys).

I packed away her Mamas and Papas snug a few months ago, along with her cot mobile. Her sit me up cosy was packed up a while ago.

Starting to pack away the baby items

Her cot bumper bars were also packed up when she started pulling them down!

Starting to pack away the baby items

But I guess it really hit me last week when I packed up her steriliser and her steamer/blender.

She is now on cows milk.

She absolutely hates the ready made baby food and will only eat home made and what we are eating.

She doesn't want to be fed but wants to explore herself and feed herself.

She is confident at baby groups and wanders off without caring where I am.

My baby is no longer a baby. She is turning into a toddler, and too fast for me!

Slow down baby girl!

Starting to pack away the baby items

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  • awww Foz i so know this feeling and its a catch 22 situation, pleased they are growing up but sad at what they have left behind. Sending big hugs

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  • Aw I know exactly what you mean! It fees so sad to be putting everything away and closing a chapter – but then what lies ahead is just as exciting!


  • It’s all good but sometime we wish time could fly less quickly than it does. Your little Bee is a big girl. Mine is only 8 months old and I packed away certain things already. I don’t seem to get changes happen so fast, a bit too fast!

    Much love to all Foz.

  • Aww… That photo of your baby in the little snug is so adorable! It’s a bitter sweet moment isn’t it? While it’s exciting that they are growing up and learning new things, on the other hand, you feel a little bit sad that the baby part is going. I feel that a lot when my 3-year-old does something new like start play-school etc… Dropping by from #Magic moments. All the best, D.

  • Just wait until she’s a little bit older and doesn’t allow you to throw anything out at all even if she doesn’t play with it anymore! It is sad and exciting as they grow older.


  • I remember this well and it does become really emotional. Loving the fact that she is loving her food – long may it continue #magicmoments

  • Salam. I miss having a baby. My youngest is six now. SubhanAllah. You never forget the first time you looked at them. Alhamdolillah it’s a blessing to have kids and hard work with the potential of great rewards from Allah.

  • awww, such cute pics masha allah. i always feel the time goes too fast! i feel quite emotional to pack all the baby stuff away. well normally i had mine quite close together so never had to pack it up for too long!!! but now my youngest is 2+ and still not planning another right away so gave away a lot of the baby stuff, that was a weird feeling for me!

  • I felt like that when I packed away Hassan’s things, but nothing hit me like when I returned to work. It’s hard being a mommy 🙂 They do grow way too fast.