Project 365 – Days 321- 327

Bee has been ill for most of the week, so not very exciting photos. We were meant to be attending a Little Tikes Play Date on Thursday but ended up missing it; was gutted! But on the brighter side she does appear to now be over the worst of it.

Project 365 - Days 321- 327

Day 321 – This is Bee climbing all over the sofa, no matter how many times I took her off she was back on again!

Day 322 – Decorating the house for hubby’s return.

Day 323 – Today hubby returned after 2 months away. Girls were happy to see him and I had ordered some cupcakes to celebrate!

Day 324 – First morning back so we went off to have breakfast at the local garden centre. They have a little play area there so Bee was happy. Although I really wish she would sit on the chairs properly. By the end of the day she was feeling a bit under the weather.

Project 365 - Days 321- 327

Day 325 – Problem with Bee is that when her temp went slightly down (it hit 39.1 at one point) she was off on the go again and wouldn’t rest. Here she is copying her sister who was standing on her dad to massage him.

Day 326 – I didn’t have a chicken burger and chips the whole time hubby was away…was seriously craving it!

Day 327 – This picture pretty much sums up most of our week. Great homecoming for the hubby poor thing.

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