Project 365 – Days 328 to 334

Well another week of sickness in the house. As Bee was recovering, I caught it! SO again we haven’t been up to much this week.




Day 328 – Bee was feeling slightly better, so she back to her antics. Here she is trying to join her sister in her bath!




Day 329 – Bee had another temperature again. She obviously overdid it yesterday.

Day 330 – Poor Rosie not getting much attention so sitting on the stairs to make sure we notice her!

Day 331 – Hubby got some Ferroro Rocher, which I obviously had to help him eat…..but then what’s his is mine isn’t it?

Day 332 – Feeling rough so just relaxing with some candles.

Day 333 – Poor Rosie again. First hubby returned, then Bee got ill and finally I got ill so she hasn’t been getting as much attention.

Day 334 – This is pretty much the state of the house while I’m not well….but at least they are playing together quietly!



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