Project 365 – Week 3

Week 3


Day 12 – Sunday’s are usually quiet. We had another lazy day at home, Munchkin did her homework and Bee, myself and Rosie just chilled.

Day 13 – The rabbit hasn’t been well, took him to the vets who kept him in….and then myself and Bee went toddler group. Here she is playing with some pots and pans in the garden. As we go regularly, the team have decided to start a development folder with us which is a record of what she is doing and what areas we may need to work on.

Day 14 – Treat time! Chocolate cheesecake, must admit was slightly sickly.

Day 15 – The Vet on Monday had said to us that the rabbit was very sick and it was 50/50. However he made an amazing recovery and came home today. However, I had to feed him myself on a liquid food every 2 hours if I could  until he was eating himself…..It was like having another baby in the house.

Day 16 – Rain and sun – managed to capture the rainbow. At one point could see two.

Day 17 – Boring photo of the boiler today…. I was so stressed as it had started leaking and water was dripping through the ceiling…….. (no hot water until Monday now).

Day 18 -Decided to take a trip to London to check out a Persian restaurant recommended by a friend. Although the food was lovely, it was not spicy enough for us! Restaurant was gorgeous though, had parrots, canaries and a water feature.


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