Taking a toddler to the dentist

I visit the dentist every 6 months since having braces as a child. That is one thing I try not to avoid. Why wouldn’t you want to look after your teeth? Those precious things that help you eat chocolate. Although technically you could just stick a piece of chocolate in your mouth and it would melt.

I was pretty late in taking Munchkin to the dentist. I believe she was about 6, and she was very nervous about going. Still is if I am honest. So our dentist recommended I register Bee early and get her used to going.

Myself and Munchkin had our six month check ups so we dragged Bee along. I say dragged but that girl loves to be out and about!

The waiting room has 2 sections so we went and sat in the quieter section where I could let Bee loose and she happily played with her sister.



She then lulled everyone into a false sense of security by sitting down and ‘reading’ a magazine…..it was upside down though. (Those who read my blog regularly know that Bee isn’t one for sitting down!)



I think she then got bored and decided to run around the waiting room. Thankfully the other patients waiting weren’t annoyed by this but found her rather amusing.

When we went into the dentists room, Bee was not shy at all and even tried to open the cupboards. She chatted away to the dental nurse while the Dentist checked mine and Munchkin’s teeth and even tried to climb on to the chair.

At the dentist


So Bee is now registered with the Dentist and has her first appointment in August.

It is unlikely she will actually get her teeth checked then but it is more about getting her used to going and getting to know our dentist. Although in all honesty she picks up things so quick I wouldn’t be surprised if she did open her mouth for the dentist. The Dentist said she will just try to get Bee onto the chair (no problem there as she already wanted to sit on it) and just chat to her until she is used to it all.

It is unlikely that Bee would need treatment at this age, she loves brushing her teeth and I rarely give her sweets and juice; but it is always best to start getting the kids into a routine of going to the dentist. More so if your child seems to be clingy, as it may take them a bit longer to get used to it.

If your child is really nervous, then the book ABC Dentist may help with showing them to what to expect.

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  • It is really important to take them along and show them there is nothing to be scared of. My son was 4 when he first went and was quite nervous. Now he has been a few times he is fine. Good luck in August!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Friends #FlashbackFridayMy Profile

  • It’s a very good idea to get them use to going to the dentist and into a good dental routine from a young age.

  • I take along all my kids, even Jacob when he was a baby every 6 months so he could watch his brothers and see it was no problem.. however he still out of know where developed a hatred towards going to the Dentist, which results me in reassuring him massively with a bit of bribery, until it is over.

  • Taking the kids to the dentist at a young age is so important, to make sure that everything is as it should. You don’t want to neglect teeth…
    You are very lucky that they love going to the dentist. We’ve never had a problem with my eldest, but our youngest is a different story all together…
    It is worth mentioning that we were refereed now to a special dentist that works with special needs children so it is worth checking in if you have one in your area in case your child needs one.
    Orli D recently posted…Week 3 – defeating the appMy Profile

  • My dentist was fab with my twins, he sat on the floor the first time, he said the chair can be daunting. He asked if he could count their teeth and then said how lovely they were, gave them stickers and new toothbrushes and said maybe next time they could have a go in the special chair. My son asked for a go then!! It was a brilliant first intro!
    Jo Bryan recently posted…Freebie FridayMy Profile

  • I took F with me from being tiny so he’s never had a reason to be afraid. We went recently and although he was a little suspicious of the dentist he seemed quite happy to let him take a peek. So glad as I had a completely different view of the dentist at his age! x

  • I have nightmare teeth, so decided J would see the dentist every six months since he was seven months old. So far, he has just howled. We have an appointment next week where hopefully the dentist gets to actually see J’s teeth 😀
    VaiChin recently posted…A Child’s MurderMy Profile

  • I need to re register mine. We moved house a while back and havent done it yet! Did not have a good experience with their first dentist though in our old area, he was horrible with kids!

  • I used to be mega scared of dentists – even well into my 30s and I didn’t want my 3girlies to feel the same way. So I found a wonderfully friendly dentist who took my fear into consideration ( even put it on my notes!!!). The girls come with me every time and they are used to it now that they have to go. This dentist even has fun days for families. Definitely make friends with your dentist!!!

  • We have our first trip to the dentist on Monday. I’m going with Austin and Gwen, and Gwen’s never been before. I’m not sure how the little ones will react to me having my mouth interfered with….should be fun!

  • Well done Bee! The book sounds like a good idea. I’m mid-treatment so I got to the dentist quite often and take the kids with me, so they’re used to it and don’t seem to be nervous when it comes to being their turn, thank goodness.

  • I hate the dentist but go regularly. Both little ones had a wobbly when we went last year but since watching the Peppa dentist episode they couldn’t wait this time! That pig may be annoying by sometimes is a great help!