Going down memory lane with Swizzels Matlow and their retro sweets #shop

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Those who know me well know that I am a chocoholic and a ‘sweetaholic’. I guess it is from my childhood days. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents weren’t pumping me full of sweets all day and every day. It is just when I did get sweets it was special, as I would be given some money and I could go down to the shop down the road and pick what I wanted. Even if I had just a penny I could go to the shop and pick just one sweet for a penny! Anyone remember the Swizzels Matlow retro sweets from back in the day? Sweets like drumsticks, refreshers and love hearts. Back then I wasn’t aware of gelatine so I did end up eating a lot of them.

So this weekend, having realised that I was almost out of nappies and looking at a potential disaster, we popped down to our local Asda to get some and to also check out the sweets! We found some Swizzels Matlow, sharing an aisle with baked beans and tinned vegetables!!


Picking sweets

We found some of my favourites, Love hearts and Parma Violets.

Love Hearts and Parma Violets

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts

Introducing Munchkin and Bee to the sweets brought back fond memories of my childhood. They both loved the Love Hearts although I think Bee possibly loved playing with them more!

Love Heart

I am the youngest by 9 years in my family, and one of the things I remember about those days was the cars. Having two brothers, we went through quite a few cars, and I remember being made to pose along alot of them. Even though the cars were old and sometimes close to what we would now call ‘bangers’ they were proud of their ‘babies.’

So here is a selection of a few cars with me posing! Excuse the quality of the photos as obviously the cameras in those days were pretty basic compared to now. Anyone recognise the models? Did you yourself own any of these?

They got me posing from a young age!
They got me posing from a young age!
Got the whole Marilyn Monroe look going here with my dress being lifted in the wind!
Got the whole Marilyn Monroe look going here with my dress being lifted in the wind!
Look at those lights on the car. Oh and that hideous jumper I'm wearing!
Look at those lights on the car. Oh and that hideous jumper I’m wearing!


How orange is this car?
How orange is this car?


I miss the 80’s/90’s. Life seemed so simple back then although I am not convinced about the fashion! I started wearing glasses at around age 11 and had those huge massive style glasses – if anyone knows Deirdre from Coronation Street you will know what I mean. And I miss the TV shows; Sesame Street, Rainbow, Grange Hill…..the list is endless!

What was your favourite show when you were younger? And what was your favourite Swizzels Matlow sweet from your childhood?


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