Project 365 – Week 5

Project 365 Week 5


Day 26 – Today was a chilled out day, with me trying to catch up with blog posts. I attempted to make brownies which turned into a bit of a disaster.

Day 27 – The girls passports finally arrived. Was getting a bit worried as they were checking everything with the counter signatory and that has never happened to us before!

Day 28 – Popped over to my parents house and Bee just had to get into the Megablocks wheel thing.

Day 29 – Tumbletots today and then when we returned Bee went into the kitchen and helped herself to the quality street box.

Day 30 – Bee was annoying Rosie today so she went upstairs to get some peace. I don’t blame her really. She found the changing mat particularly comfy.

Day 31 – I just had to share….I booked our holiday to Turkey finally!! SO looking forward to it!!

Day 32 – Popped into Kiddicare to get my pushchair fixed. Munchkin had fun in the little kids play area! Guess you are never too old to play with baby toys!


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