Project 365 – Week 9

Bit of a quiet week. First lot of pictures are all about the food!

Week 9Day 54 – I was meant to get my hair cut today and coloured but ended up having to cancel as some guests were coming round to my parents from London. They arrived pretty late and it would have been rude if I had rushed off to get my hair cut as I hadn’t seen them in years. The chocolate here is me drowning my sorrows. I am always made to feel like the lazy one in the family as my sister does the cooking (as they think my cooking is rubbish) and then she gets on with the dishes before anyone else gets a chance to do it. My mum did manage to humiliate me slightly in front of the guests…I always dread it when people come round to theirs.

Day 55 – Hubby knew I was feeling slightly miserable about it all still so he brought these home when he came from work.

Day 56 – In all honesty a quiet day as no toddler groups and didn’t feel like going out so you have a pic of my black eyed bean curry served with boiled rice

The rest of the week is all about Bee.

Week  9 1Day 57 – She didn’t want to sit on the sofa like a normal child to watch TV but decided to get in with her toys. I just leave her to it to get some peace!

Day 58 – Think the picture says it all…..trying to escape from home!

Day 59 – At toddler group – she has take a shine to this wheelbarrow!


Gelli Play

Day 60 – Had ordered some water beads after seeing them at toddler group and I soaked them today…but as they take 6-8 hours, I made up some Gelli stuff and the girls had fun with that.

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