Spring is in the air – time to think about the garden.

Ok it may not seem like with with all the rain and storms we have been having, but the sun has been sneaking through now and then….so I had a wander around the garden to see what needed doing and what life there was.


New hydrangea growth Rose regrowth rose Tulip growth Flowers 1


The garden does need a full tidy up as we have leaves pretty much everywhere due to having massive poplar trees in the road behind us. Can’t wait to get started on the garden properly…..the hubby hates spring as I go slightly crazy buying plants and this year I am planning to actually buy ready made hanging baskets as I just can’t get the displays right! But shhhhhh don’t tell him that!!

If you are planning to grow vegetables etc then now is the time to start sowing the seeds indoors so they are strong and healthy enough to be planted outside. I usually do tomatoes and peppers but may be a bit more adventurous this year.

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