New Little Miss Hug

Come on hands up….who remembers the Little Miss and Little Men books?

I grew up with the Little Men and Little Misses and it is great to see them still going strong and new characters being introduced to keep the series fresh.

And the new character is:

Little Miss Hug


Apt really as Bee’s current favourite word is HUG and she comes up to you saying it with her arms outstretched!

Miss Hug is introduced with the following:

Have you ever fallen over and hurt yourself?

I bet you have.

And then have you wished that someone would come along and give you a hug and make you feel better?

Well, Little Miss Hug is just that person.


Little Miss Hug


Little Miss Hug has extra special arms that fit around whoever she hugs. And everyone needs a hug right? And that is what Little Miss Hug thought. Until she came across Mr Grumpy…….

The book is just the right size for little hands and the pictures are bright and colourful to keep a little ones interest while the story is read to them. What is also unique to this particular book is that there is also an app being launched, free to download from Android and IOS from 8th May.

‘ The app will interact with both the Little Miss Hug book cover, as well as pages in the Mr Men and Little Miss magazine. It will see Little Miss Hug brought to life in 3D form and what’s more the app will allow users to take pictures of themselves hugging Little Miss Hug. The app will also feature a fun video story and exciting interactive game.’

Little Miss Hug  launched on 8th May and retails at 2.99. It is available from all good book retailers. 


Disclosure: I received a free copy of Little Miss Hug to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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