Time to move to a toddler bed

Bee will be 20 months in a week.

Wow, can’t quite believe it myself sometimes. 20 months already!

And I have been debating for a while about whether to move her to a toddler bed.

With my eldest we waited until she was 2. She even stayed in our room in her cot. And when she was 2 we decorated her room, got her a toddler bed and it was all a big adventure for her.

Bee, unfortunately, does not have her own room as we only have 2 bedrooms.

And as much as I love her, I draw the line at decorating my room in a Cbeebies theme to keep her happy.

So why the rush in moving her to a toddler bed?

There is no real guidelines as to when your child should move to a toddler bed or even indeed a normal bed. It is all about common sense, when you feel your child is ready, or when it becomes necessary.

In our case it was necessary.

Bee, being the acrobat that she is, has become a pro at climbing out of her cot for the past few months. Which isn’t particularly safe to be honest.

Climbing out of the cot

In addition to being a climber, she bangs her head at night on the cot bars.

And when I say bang, I really do mean BANG!

Which again can’t really be safe. Her poor head!!

It also woke her up so we would all have an unsettled sleep as it would happen at least 2-3 times a night.

I still had Munchkin’s toddler bed in storage so I decided to dig it out from the depths of the shed, and try Bee with it.

So Bee had her last nap in the cot and we said goodbye to it!

Having a nap in the cot

Packing the cot away was quite emotional! You just cant’t hide away anymore from the fact that your little one is growing up!!

After feeling emotional, we said ‘Hello’ to the toddler bed!
Toddler bed


Toddler bed side barsDSC_3910


I did worry as to how she would take to it but I had nothing to worry about. As soon as she saw the bed she jumped on to it and started to arrange her teddy bears and I had no problem getting her to sleep that night.

OK maybe I am lying slightly there! She did try to get out and trash the room, but a firm NO soon got her back into bed!

As a precaution I put her cot mattress on the floor incase she fell. And fall she did. At 1am I found her fast asleep on the mattress on the floor.

We now have a Tomy side rail up to prevent her from falling. That was also in the depths of the shed in amongst the spiders; I kept everything of Munchkin’s!

Making the change to the toddler bed was the best decision to make, I just wish I had done it sooner. It would have saved her poor head from all those bangs!

So when did you make the move from cot to bed? Early? Or wait until your little one was a lot older?


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