#HappyWriting with Pilot Pens

Do you ever feel like technology is over taking everything. Like we are becoming so dependent on it that if it was all taken away we would be at a loss?

I know that I rely heavily on my phone for everyday life, pictures, lists, even charting my monthlies. And recently it all went wrong as I had to restore my phone…and I hadn’t backed it up regularly so I ended up losing a lot of information, including notes and dates of important things.

Maybe it’s time we went back to good old fashioned writing. The only time I actually use a pen these days is to write on an envelope.

Pilot Pens have started a #HappyWriting campaign and as part of the campaign I received some lovely stationary to get me started and to record some magic moments with Bee.

Happy Writing with Pilot PensHappy Writing with Pilot Pens


Bee is finding her voice and words these days so the cute little notebook is ideal to record what she says and does and put it in her memory box for her.

Her current favourite sentence is ‘What are you dooooooooooing?’

She clearly has picked that up from me as I am forever saying that to her in exasperation as she trashes the living room, or decides to do some acrobatics by climbing on the sofa and the banister, or trying to stamp on the cat’s tail….the list is endless!

She also says ‘Bye’ and ‘See you’.

She says ‘Owwww’ when I comb her hair. (Even if the hairbrush hasn’t actually touched her hair!)

She says ‘She hit it me’ if her sister even touches her!

The rabbit is currently called ‘Abbit’

And of course the most favourite single word is ‘No!’ Although she does know ‘Yeah’.

I love hearing her vocabulary expand and I look forward to recording all these precious moments in our little notebook. Why not join in with #happywriting and rediscover the joy of actually sitting down and writing things. I had actually forgotten how relaxing it can be.


Disclaimer: I received some pens and a notebook as part of the #happywriting campaign. But all thoughts and opinions are my own….and I’m not sharing the pens with the kids! They are mine! 😉


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