Our Eid Gift Guide

I am really struggling as to what to get the girls this year. The house is bursting from the seams with toys and pets and they really don’t need anything. Having spoken to a few other friends, this seems to be a problem with most…..what to get!!? I remember as a child I was given money….after a while it got boring. As then it was usually taken off me and put into my bank account. We want to make Eid special for the children and in fact for our friends and relatives. So here are a few suggestions. Some of these items I have actually purchased myself while others I have seen and think they would be a good idea.


If you are looking for a special and unique gift for any family member then look no further! Luxury Art:Heavens Islamic Words is my ultimate favourite page on Facebook. The effort the sister puts into her work is sincere and each piece she makes is made from the heart for her clients. I have personally ordered from this page and can say the workmanship is simply outstanding mashAllah! You can read my review here. Luxury Art Heavens Islamic Words

My other love is henna candles. I have previously ordered from Henna Pixie but I am currently in love with these ones:

Henna candlesHenna Emporium by Aaliyah

Henna Emporium by Aaliyah is the work of a sister who converted to Islam. Her love of Islam is being showcased in her candles alhamdulillah.

There are a variety of things you can get which are decorated in the henna style, which include frames, vases, boxes! I love them all!

For children there are plenty of islamic toys coming into the market. My favourite was the Aminah talking doll until they changed her look and made her lips look a bit odd (in my opinion). I currently have my eye on a Quran surah iPad which teaches surahs and duas and a sound book.


I have also recently come across a new site as I won £30 in a competition to spend on the site called Born Gifted. It has some lovely personalised gifts although I have been meaning to get Bee a Happy Hopperz so ordered that!

Purple dino happy hopperz
Image from Born Gifted


Munchkin is now pretty easy to buy for as she is entering into the craze of loom bands! So I could just get her more of those!! If you haven’t heard of loom bands then do check them out…it keeps them quiet!

Loom bands

  And ultimately if you are at a loss, you can get the good old smellies for the men in your life. I was recently sent some products to try out. The Radox muscle therapy is ideal to help your man relax after a hard day at work.

Radox and Dove

  I have also recently come across a new page on Facebook Sunnah Skincare. The business is based in Manchester and has been set up a group of revert sisters. They describe themselves as an ‘Organic skincare co-operative brand, selling handmade skincare with ethics! Eco, recycled, organic, fair trade – you name it, we do it!’ Sunnah Skincare

And what Eid would be without sweets for the children! I am constantly drooling when seeing sweets from Salahuddin’s Sweets on instagram and facebook. Salahuddin's Sweets

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