Project 365 – Week 24

week 24

Day 159 – Day of shopping and tidying the house. Cleaned out the rabbit and Bee insisted of helping….we ended up with more wood shavings on the floor than in the hutch.

Day 160 – Bee up to mischief again… she is making a game of going under a sofa at my parents house. She did get stuck at one point *sigh*

Day 161 – Went to Kiddicare to their play area. Bee got all frustrated when she couldn’t get the pushchair through the window of the payhouse!

Day 162 – Busy day today with Tubmletots in the morning and a new toddler group in the afternoon (you can read about that here). While I was getting ready in the morning and putting on my hijaab (headscarf) Bee decided that she wanted to attempt to put one on too so helped herself to one.

Day 163 – Another toddler group today and we did some hand and foot painting. Bee was initially scared and wouldn’t hold out her hand but once we had done one foot she relaxed and allowed her other foot and hands to be painted.

Day 164 – Just had to share the lilies. Love them!

Loom bands


Day 165 – Took Munchkin for her eye test today and then we joined in on the loom band craze! She has not quite got the hang of it yet!

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