Day out to Hunstanton

My dad was a bus driver when I was a child. And every year, without fail, we would go to Hunstanton Beach.

And now I take my children most years as it is one of the nearest beaches and fun for the kids.

We love Hunstanton. It is on the north-west corner of Norfolk and it has something for everyone!

A fun fair on the central promenade is fun for the kids. Although Bee seems to have an aversion to rides and refused to go on anything after I took her on the small roller coaster.So instead we helped her hook a duck and she was happy with her teddy.

Hunstanton also has a Sea Life Centre, but due to some floods back in December it was closed and is yet to reopen. But it has always been enjoyable on previous visits.

There are also boat trips that can take you to see seals and a short ride to see the cliffs. Sadly by the time we arrived they were booked up until 5.30 and we weren’t staying that long.

DSC_4467 DSC_4486

So the girls just enjoyed playing on the beach for a short while and they started collecting shells. Munchkin had a ride on a horse but Bee refused to get on one; although she was happy to attempt to poke a pony in the eye. *sigh*

DSC_4473 DSC_4470 DSC_4463 DSC_4477 DSC_4489


Oh and I learnt something new…..this is worm poop!!! Yuck!


worm poo

Minus the worm poop, the beach is actually lovely. I love watching the waves and the seagulls. It just makes me feel so peaceful.

DSC_4495 DSC_4506 DSC_4509 DSC_4465 DSC_4475Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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