Project 365 – Week 33

Week 33


A week of not doing much to be honest, including blogging!

Day 222 – Woke up to really bad rain so it was a day of popcorn and chilling at home. In the evening had a long over due soak.

Day 223 – Captured a rainbow.

Day 224 – Went to Birmingham today to see some relatives. Did some early Eid shopping for October and Bee was particularly happy with her ice cream.

Day 225 – We love mangoes from abroad and got loads from Birmingham!

Day 226 – Went over to mums and spotted her aubergines were growing.

Day 227 – Fun in the garden, Bee decided she was going to show her teddy the bubbles.

Day 228 – Went shopping for some toys for my friends children as we popping round to see them after Lollibop tomorrow. Had to get Munchkin something and also Bee. It kept her quiet for about half an hour.


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