Project 365 – Weeks 36,37 and 38

Apologies! You are now going to be hit with 3 weeks worth of photos.

The first week I was busy decorating and the second I got a cold. So getting this done wasn’t a priority.


Week 36

Week 36


Day 243 – I got another plant. Hubby wasn’t too impressed!

Day 244 – Rosie the cat found the girls book/toy basket a comfy place to sit in and sleep.

Day 245 – The wallpaper for Munchkin’s room arrived! Can get on with decorating now.

Day 246 – Back to school!! The holidays have gone way toooo quick!

Day 247 – Back to spending some alone time with Bee at her toddler group.

Day 248 – Found our old pop up pirate game in my dads garage. Bee loves it and thinks it hilarious when the pirate pops out!

Day 249 – Wonder if this Slim Me tea actually works. Have started to exercise and watch what I eat as have reached that point where although I am not excessively overweight, I am not happy with myself. As part of the new me have started to go play squash in the morning on Saturdays with a friend.


Week 37



Day 250 – Spent most of the day decorating so only really got a picture of the sunset!

Day 251 – At my parents….and Bee has taken to throwing things out of the conservatory door……

Day 252 – Decided to try out a toddler group at the local gymnastics…Most of the time was spent on playing with the toys on the mat but towards the end she decided to have a go on the bars.

Day 253 – Tying to pretend she is a teddy

Day 254 – This is the way we sit on our chair…sideways and with feet up!

Day 255 – Rosie found one of Bee’s teddies and she snuggled up to it and fell asleep. Awww

Day 256 – I finally got round to buying a samsung tablet…Although I said that I wouldn’t give it to the girls, it kept them quiet when my cold started and I began to feel bad.


Week 38

week 38

Day 257 – Bee in a box again

Day 258 – Bee turned 2! Terrible 2’s here we come!

Day 259 – So I told Bee off for getting the baskets off the shelf and to leave them there…so what does she do? She climbs into it!

Day 260 – In a box. Again.

Day 261 – Rosie was fascinated by Cbeebies Timmy Time!!

Day 262 – Munchkin got an award from school for ‘Excellent reasoning skills when answering questions’,

Day 263 – Shopping for clothes to day for Bee’s winter wardrobe.

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