Project 365 – Week 40

Week 40


Day 271 – Was a lovely day so went to our local country park for a walk around and for the girls to ride their scooters.

Day 272 – Bee in a box again. Think I will have to share an obligatory weekly box photo.

Day 273 – I finally purchased a Yankee Candle and lit it up today! Love the smell of it!! I’m officially a fan.

Day 274 – I love these lilies…. I had them in my garden but had to get rid as they are dangerous for cats. At the local garden centre they were selling for £2.50 and convinced my parent to buy them as they grow yearly and also smell lovely!

Day 275 – Bee. In a box. Again. Although this time it is on top of her head.

Day 276 – Reviewing loom bands today.

Day 277 – Decorating ready for Eid tomorrow!


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