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Sisters MagazineI knew about SISTERS Magazine when I started this blog back in November 2010 and was subscribed to it. It used to arrive every 3 months if I remember rightly, and then it changed to monthly.

Although initially excited that it was going to be monthly, I was soon disappointed. I felt like the magazine had turned into an advertorial, with just a few beneficial articles in it. I started to feel it was too expensive for what I was getting that I unsubscribed. I didn’t want to pay for a magazine that felt like there was an advert at the turn of every page.

So when I got the chance to review the magazine, I was slightly wary. However, I wanted to see if any improvements had been made.

Although there are still adverts in the magazine (which magazine doesnt?) there are not so many that you feel inundated with them. The magazine starts with a few adverts, with a few throughout it and then most of them in the back few pages.

The magazine starts with a note from the editor, ‘Editor’s Space.

Sisters Magazine Editors Space

What I love about the Editor’s Space, is rather than the usual explanation about what is the magazine, you normally get a more personal response from the editor Na’ima B Robert. I often skip editors notes but I enjoy reading Na’ima’s as usually there is a small insight into her life and her personality:

‘It is no secret to those that know me personally that I am a ‘people person’: I love meeting sisters…………… I Love organising: Eid parties for my children and their friends, events for sisters………….’

It is nice to get a feel of the sister behind the magazine.

The magazine itself is set out in clear, individual sections:

  • Reflections
  • Family
  • World
  • Lifestyle
  • Voices

Each section is clearly identifiable with a beautiful image and explanation of what the section entails:

Sisters Magazine sections



Our Reflections section nurtures your soul with inspiring stories and important reminders; supporting the care of your deen , character, mind and body.

The reflections section typically contains articles from life coach Syeda Habib offering tips and advice, her latest article in issue 61 being ‘Ending Friendship with Compassion’.

Other articles are the ‘Iman Series’ and also personal stories from sisters which are inspiring and teach you something. For example in Issue 60, Brooke Benoit writes an article entitled ‘The Artful Judger’. The article is thought provoking in that it questions how people can make judgements and assumptions.


From husbands to children, from parents to distant relatives, our Family section address issues regarding your loved ones: joys, challenges, fears and triumphs’.

A regular feature I like in the family section is ‘ask Megan’ where questions can be asked to SISTERS Marriage Coach Megan Wyatt. No question is too big or small and even topics and questions which are often shied away in some Muslim Communities are discussed.

The section also includes a teen column and articles range from a series entitled ‘Our parents, Our Path to Jannah’  to articles about Children’s Speech and Language.


Our World section links you to your sisters around the world and inspires you to connect positively with world issues.

This section also has wide ranging articles which can include tips for visiting certain countries,articles on well-being and green space and articles entitled ‘The Hijrah Diaries’.

Topics will often relate to current issues, for example, prior to hajj an article on avoiding umrah and hajj scams was published.


Our Lifestyle section introduces you to clothes that will transform your style and food that will tantalise your tastebuds.

One of my favourite sections has to be the lifestyle section. From exercise tips, keeping kids active, tips on home facials to mouth watering recipes.

Sisters RecipesVoices

In our Voices section, we hear the thoughts, ideas and experiences of readers, contributors and guests.

This section includes various contributors ranging from articles including coping with polygamy, to short poems and often include articles that involve true stories.

So what did I think?

I was pleasantly surprised with the magazine. It has vastly improved with some interesting articles. The reader may not always agree with the authors thoughts but then that happens with people around you. Most articles include hadiths that the authors thoughts are focusing on.

The magazine itself is also visually appealing and I love looking at all the images used throughout the magazine.

Having cancelled my subscription before, I would now be willing to subscribe again to the magazine.

For more information about SISTERS Magazine:

SISTERS website:



 Disclaimer: I was given a short subscription to SISTERS Magazine in return for a review. All thoughts and opinons are my own.

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