Project 365 – Week 47

week 47


Day 320  – Horse riding again. Today was her final one on one lesson and after this she will be let loose into a group. Unfortunately they are so busy they don’t have a weekly slot in the group so for a while she can only have fortnightly lessons.

Day 321 – Took Bee to her Monday toddler group after almost 2 months. So many new faces and none of the mums I am used to seeing! Felt like a stranger this time!

Day 322 – Munchkin’s parents evening today. So proud of her – teacher couldn’t stop singing her praises and said she is on course to be above average by the end of the school year. I just loved their funky nature corridor.

Day 323 – Finally started using the nutribullet….hoping that using it along with exercise will help me lose some weight by March.

Day 324 – Toddler group today. Bee needed to get out so just left the builders to it. It is not as though they needed me to be in the house so just locked the main doors.

Day 325 – School run today and Bee insisted to holding the big umbrella. You couldn’t see her!

Day 326 – Decided to brave messy play today and let the girls loose with some paint.

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  • Busy and very good week for the girls. They are doing quite well, which is all good news Foz!
    See Munchkin loves horseriding (as for me I do miss it!!)
    Sending you love. xx

  • busy busy week for Bee, shame there were no known faces at toddlers, but maybe next week there will be.
    Glad she has come on well in the horse riding, at least fortnightly will be cheaper.
    Oooohhhh brave on the painting. I have bought paints for a Christmas project today. just hope my idea works as well on paper as it is in my head.