Project 365 – Week 51

A very uneventful week as spent most of it ill. Bee was also ill poor thing!

Week 51


Day 348 – I started feeling ill but Bee was her usual crazy self and was climbing on the sofa and hanging onto the stairs!

Day 349 – Poor Bee started coming down with the cold and kept saying she was tired and sad.

Day 350 – Still feeling rough but had to tidy up a bit. Was going to throw Rosie’s bed out as she hasn’t sleep in it in almost a year but as soon as I placed it in the conservatory she was straight in it. I think she thinks the conservatory is her room.

Day 351 – Feeling particularly rough today so made hubby bring me home some dessert to cheer me up.

Day 352 – It was Bee’s party at toddler group today but we both weren’t well enough to make it. On the plus side the conservatory now has blinds!

Day 353 – Feeling worse today so all you have is a pic of meds.

Day 354- Feeling a bit more alive – hubby got us some chocolate before he went to work. Lazy first day of the holidays in our pyjamas. Munchkin has been coughing for the last few days so thinking she may be coming down with it too!

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