Project 365 – Days 1 – 3

So I have been debating whether to do this again after 2 years of taking pictures.  But hey, why not…will have a go again.

The first 3 pics this year are pretty boring as I wasn’t initially going to do this but will be trying to improve my photography over the year.


Day 1 – 1st January 2015

New year, new boots! I love boots!

Bit of a quiet day today. Hubby didn’t go to work after working late New Year’s Eve so just a chilled out day at home.

Boots, winter, clarks


Day 2 – 2nd January 2015

Doesn’t seem like this is the year that Bee will calm down.

Crazy child


Day 3 – 3rd January 2015

Horse riding lesson again today. And then another quiet day at home.


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