Project 365 – Days 11 to 17

Unfortunately another uneventful week. Bee got a slight cold again so she didn’t even go to nursery.

Days 11 - 17


Day 11 – 11th January 2015

Today was a quiet day at home and did some baking with the girls.

Day 12 – 12th January 2015

Went to Birmingham to the Pakistani Embassy to get Bee an ID card before we go Pakistan in March. Hate going there as it is chaos and tempers fray. Ended up losing my temper at some men who were shouting and swearing in front of kids. We then went shopping after and I got hubby to buy me some material to get sewn into an outfit.

Day 13 – 13th January 2015

Bee started coming down with her cold today. Had a rough night and she had a temp during the day. Hubby got me some creme eggs to keep my energy up! lol

Day 14 – 14th January 2015

Now that we have put the cross trainer in the conservatory temporarily I am trying to be good and use it….. just need to get motivated.

Day 15 – 15th January 2015

Hubby was home today we did a clear out of the garage again. The garage needs to be emptied as we are converting the garage into a bedroom and work starts in just over a week. Cleared out the girls toys from under the stairs and temporarily put them in the conservatory. Will be going through them and donating things to charity as they just have way too much!

Day 16 – 16th January 2015

Bee was feeling better today…can you tell? Here she is lying on the bottom part of my parents table and watching TV. Obviously the sofa was not good enough for her.

Day 17 – 17th January 2015

Munchkin’s horse riding lesson. Forgot to take polos with me and the horse was being nosey and trying to get into my pockets. When he realised I didn’t have any he started to munch on my coat and hijaab! (scarf). Good job he is my favourite there so he gets away with it!

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