5 Productivity Tips

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Next in the series of guest posts while I am on holiday, is an article written by Nazia Nasreen, a mother of two and the founder of Ibraheem Toy House.

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Do you wish you were more productive with your time? Does ‘me time’ feel like a distant memory? Well, don’t worry there so many women out there in a similar situation, struggling to juggle family life and work.  As a working mum of two young children I recently managed to maintain a healthy balance between work and family time. Here i will share with you my 5 top productivity tips to ensure you live a happier and more fulfilled life insha’Allah.

  1. Wake up early every morning- This might be difficult to begin but waking up early before the kids can really set you up for the day. Use this time to pray, reflect, enjoy the peace and jot down the ‘to do’ list.
  1. Have a set schedule- Having a set routine is very important when you have young kids. Have fixed office times and family time, this will enable you to perform best in both roles.  It can be extremely difficult to answer emails and write blogs with the kids running around (I know this from experience); hence it is essential to work in a relaxed peaceful environment.  Work around your family routine, e.g. answer emails and make calls when your children are at school or when they are having naps.  I have met many mums who work for two hours in the morning and do the remaining work in the evening.  Try different routines and see what works best for you and your family.
  1. Set goals- If you want to have a productive month then it is best to list all the tasks you would like to complete and set goals for each day of the month. Writing down your monthly and daily goals will enable you to be more productive with your time as you would know what you need to do each month.
  1. Prioritise your tasks- To ensure you have a healthy balance between family and work life it is essential that you have top three tasks that you need to complete every day. If the rest does not get done its okay as long as you know your three important tasks have been completed.  Be realistic with your to do list, there is no point jotting down 15 tasks for the day when you know you have a young family and limited time.
  1. Split household tasks- I know many mums weather working or stay at home love to procrastinate by doing random jobs like cleaning out the fridge. If you feel you spend half the day cleaning, than it is a good idea to split household chores in to separate days. To maintain your sanity and to live a healthy balanced life it can be really useful to have set days for tasks like ironing, deep cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming rooms upstairs. Most importantly don’t forget to take out at least 30 minutes from your day to unwind, relax and enjoy what you like doing.  Use this time to read, have a nice bath or do nothing, just relax,  This is so important for your mental wellbeing and for a balanced healthy life.

photo credit: Timeless via photopin (license)


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  • Great list Nazia! Thanks for sharing. I only have one kid but sometime it’s all hectic and I find myself running around, without having anything done.
    I shoudl definitely waking up way earlier. At least I would be bale to have that 30 minutes all by myself!
    MARIE recently posted…Happiness State of MindMy Profile