Project 365 – Days 109 to 122

After our holiday to Pakistan and then thinking I really couldn’t be bothered with carrying this on, I finally managed to catch up with Project 365…woooohoooo! Although we have had a pretty boring and uneventful few weeks since returning home as hubby’s car has been out of action and we have been stressed trying to deal with that. Not something you want after returning from holiday!

Days 109 to 115

Day 109 – Sunday 19th April 

Although Rosie came home on Thursday, the day after we returned, I had forgotten about the fishes until my mum asked when I was planning on taking them home! So today they came home.

Day 110 – Monday 20th April

Bee’s first day back at nursery, and a  day for us rushing around trying to get hubby’s car fixed. For some reason it had died while we were away. So only managed to get a picture of these daffodils at my parents house.

Day 111 – Tuesday 21st April

I always hope nursery would tire out Bee but she comes home more energetic then ever. She climbed into her toy basket and soon after Rosie did too!

Day 112 – Wednesday 22nd April

Popped to Matalan to try to find some purple summer dresses for Munchkin’s school (HOW difficult is it to find purples ones??), and Bee insisted on getting this dog handbag! Pretty cute.

Day 113 – Thursday 23rd April

Popped to the local park for a walk in the evening as it was such a lovely day.

Day 114 – Friday 24th April

‘I am a lion, hear me roar!’  Well actually I think she was just tired. Pretty much reflecting how I felt most of today.

Day 115 – Saturday 25th April

Munchkin’s first horse riding lesson since returning from Pakistan. I missed my favourite horse. He immediately tried to eat my clothes again and nudged me for polos.


Days 116 - 122


Day 116 – Sunday 26th April

Decided it was time to declutter the house, in particular the wardrobes to make way for all the new clothes we got from Pakistan. Hubby took the girls to the park while I got on but Rosie decided to try to be difficult by falling asleep on the file of clothes I was trying to sort!

Day 117 – Monday 27th April

Hubby had a dentist appointment and on the way home decided ot stop at a garden centre that I see the sign for but have never visited. Of course I had to buy some plants while I was there!

Day 118 – Tuesday 28th April

Have had a packet of digestives for weeks in the cupboard that noone eats. So decided to make a dessert with it!

Day 119 – Wednesday 29th April

Hubby finally got his car fixed and went back to work for the first time since we went Pakistan. Bee missed him a lot as we had gotten used to having him around! Although I was also grateful so that I could get back into my routine!

Day 120 – Thursday 30th April

Finally got round to planting the plants I got. This is the first year without our rabbit and really missed him as he usually used to jump into the pots and get a telling off from me. However, Rosie decided to help by sniffing everything.

Day 121 – Friday 1st May

Munchkin was sick during the night so a day off from school and we were stuck indoors. Typical isn’t it? Bank holiday weekend and we have sickness in the house! So you have a pic of Rosie who decided sleeping like this was more comfortable than her bed. I took the opportunity to finish unpacking our suitcases. (Yes I had left it this late! I am just lazy! 😉 )

Day 122 – Saturday 2nd May

I had planned to go out today but Munchkin still had a cold, so a day at home again. So another picture of the cat (It’s handy having pets!!) She decided the suitcases were a better place to sleep today!

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  • Welcome back to the Project, I missed you all. Love Bee in the basket. I bet Bee does miss daddy, but it is nice to get them back to work isn’t it
    Looks like a great use for the digestives

  • Your desserts always look delicious! I wish I have some digestives in my cupboard right now.
    Nursery does not tire them. Or it tires them but they still want to play and they push the tiredness away!!
    Rosie seems to be delighted to see you again…
    Have a loevly week Foz. xx
    Marie recently posted…When life is upside down…My Profile

  • I know Project 365 is a photo prompt but for some reason my lap top is displaying any images from anyone as i try to comment, so from reading I gather you had a fab time in Pakistan, I’ve just returned from visiting the UK and although there is only hubby and I at home it seems to take forever to get reorganised after a trip away, hope you’ve got the car sorted