Project 365 = Days 123 to 129

Another pretty quiet week to be honest, and often forgot to specifically take photos for the project, so just had to go with what I had!

Days 123 - 129


Day 123 – Sunday 3rd May

Hubby usually takes Sunday’s off but didn’t this weekend due to unexpectedly having 2 weeks off from work. So a quiet day relaxing at home. Took a look at a book sent to me to read before the next one is released.

Day 124 – Monday 4th May

Lovely bank holiday but again hubby was at work. Boo. So we had fun in the garden with bubbles and generally relaxing.

Day 125 – Tuesday 5th May

I finally found someone to come put up some coving in the garage conversion. However, since then it has fallen off and now not bothering with it!

Day 126 – Wednesday 6th May

New carpet laid in the garage conversion. Rosie of course had to be the first one to test it out.

Day 127 – Thursday 7th May

I love this flower bush at my parents house. Waiting for mine to flower.

Day 128 – Friday 8th May

One of Rosie as forgot to take a picture of anything else as we didn’t do much today!

Day 129 – Saturday 9th May

While Munchkin was at her horse riding lesson I got bored and popped to the local garden centre which was just down the road……of course I came away with some more plants! But I did need them for the hanging basket which was looking a mess!


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