Project 365 – Days 130 to 136

Days 130  to 136


Day 130 – Sunday 10th May

A quiet Sunday to be honest. One of those where I didn’t feel like doing much so general pottering about the garden and potting some plants.

Day 131 – Monday 11th May

Didn’t do much today. The coving I had had put up last week had fallen down so it was going to be sorted today. SO you just have a picture of my healthy smoothie!

Day 132 – Tuesday 12th May

Today I had an event to go to at Hottershoes and got to pick a pair of shoes. Will blog about it later but had a lovely evening as got to take a friend with me. It felt soo good to get out without the kids and actually do something for myself and with a friend.

Day 133 – Wednesday 13th May

Clothes shopping for a friends baby boy. Don’t usually buy for baby boys…..I prefer shopping for girls! So much prettier stuff.

Day 134 – Thursday 14th May

Had totally enough of Bee throwing all her toys out of the basket (literally) and not actually playing with them. So I told her I refused to tidy up after her and told her to do it herself. Needless to say she wasn’t happy.

Day 135 – Friday 15th May

Quiet day. Stuck at home in the morning as waiting for British Gas to arrive to install the HIVE. had an 8am to 1pm slot….of course he came nearer to 1pm. Put some candles on to relax while waiting.

Day 136 – Saturday 16th May

I was meant to have gone Leicester today to meet my friends new baby son (who I went shopping for) and to catch up with a few other friends. But Bee ended up with a runny nose yesterday and struggled to sleep overnight as she was bunged up… cancelled the trip. It always seems like when I plan something that I am looking forward to someone ends up ill!

Took Munchkin to her horse riding lesson, and my fav horse tried to eat my clothes again, and then a quiet day at home.


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  • Nice to get an evening put, we all need time off from our children, and a free pair of shoes thrown in makes it all the more worthwhile.
    Oh dear at Bee not being well, not good to take to visit a new born. Have to say boys clothes have come on since my sons were children.
    Typical with the gas man, you could guarantee had you gone out for 5 mins at 9am he would have turned up then.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 20My Profile