Project 365 – Days 137 to 143

Days 137-143


Day 137 – Sunday 17th May

Table shopping today. Had previously ordered one from Oak Furniture Land then realised that placing it in the conservatory could invalidate the warranty. I hadn’t been warned about this and ended up having to fight them to get my deposit back. I wasn’t going to risk a £700 table in the conservatory. So went to Homebase to see if we could get a cheaper one. Ordered one and got a voucher for plants: spend £10 and getting bedding plants free….so of course I had to get free plants!

Day 138 – Monday 18th May

Quiet day to be honest… you just have a picture of my dessert.

Day 139 – Tuesday 19th May

Munchkin went on a school trip to Cadbury’s World. I am really surprised that they did not get a coach with a toilet as it is a 2 hour journey. A poor girl needed the toilet on the way home and was crying, but they didn’t stop and she wet herself. I think that is so wrong of them, they should have stopped, they passed a number of places they could have.

Day 140 – Wednesday 20th May

Left Bee downstairs watching TV while I quickly helped her sister shower before school, and she did this to herself by somehow crashing into the TV stand. She didn’t cry for long though and went to nursery. She went around showing all the staff members and getting sympathy!

Day 141 – Thursday 21st May

My table and chairs arrived and I put them together myself! Who needs a man?

Day 142 – Friday 22nd May

My brother turned up at my parents house with his dog. Bee wanted to play ball with him but he wasn’t interested at all. Bee was pretty much ignored by him and she wasn’t impressed!

Day 143 – Saturday 23rd May

Went to Leicester to catch up with some friends. One had had a baby boy – didn’t make me broody at all! Bee had fun jumping on a friends trampoline.

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  • oh dear at Bee’s eye, hope it healing ok.
    Why is a table not warranted if you put it in a conservatory? £700 is a lot of money and you would expect it to go anywhere.
    Lol at the dog not being interested, Shorty Dog was only interested in the kids if they were eating!!